"I would like to take this opportunity to thank the amazing photography tutors/staff at the wonderful Blackburn University, John Harrison, Katy Suggit, Richard Peregrine, Andy Farrington and Kevin Howlett for your belief in me, for pushing me and spotting my potential, where others failed to see... To Paul Gallagher, who kindly allowed me to tag along on one of his workshops, in the Outer Hebrides...the amazing week will stay with me for ever! it reaffirmed what I truly wanted to do as my career. To my lovely family and friends for all your support and for believing in me! Lastly a huge thank you to my wonderful Husband Chris, thanks for being there , without you...none of this could be possible....
Just a note for my followers; Never, Never, Never give up! (Winston Churchill)"

Emma Holt
Emma Holt BA(Hons)

Emma Holt is fast becoming one of the North’s leading female, Fine-Art Landscape photographers, best known for her emotional connection she is able to capture between her and her chosen subject matter…Often shooting on location, she is able to react to her surroundings, creating extremely emotive and atmospheric work, choosing to work mainly in monochrome has enabled her to perfect atmospheric photography.

Emma’s Father, the well known Fredrick Alan Walmsley, now a retired Artist, Musician and Photographer. In his younger days, he was a member of the Manchester based band, 'The Manchester Moon Rakers', an accomplished Classical Guitar player and instructor, he has taught many students over the years. Music aside, His stunning oil paintings have graced several galleries in the North West. It was however, at the age of eighteen he picked up a film Camera and began his career as an Industrial photographer, his work was published in many corporate magazines and brochures.

After studying Art and Illustration at College, it wasn't until later in life that Emma went on to study BA (Hons) in Photographic Media, at Blackburn University, Lancashire. There she was awarded a student award in her second year of the foundation degree and went onto gain a 1st class BA (Hons) in Photography. Whilst at University, her work, passion and drive landed her a place on a paid trip to Cape Town, South Africa. This enabled her to exhibit an exciting series of works, based on the Industrial heritage of the North West. The images featured historic cotton mills, against the backdrop of the rolling hills of Lancashire. Emma also managed to take a series of strong, emotive portraiture whilst visiting South Africa. This work became the catalyst for her emotive and creative work to grow, only fuelling her need and passion to capture the emotional connection between herself and her chosen subject matter.

A deep passion grew for the great outdoors and Landscape photography. An enjoyment of texture and detail began to come through in her work…A love for atmosphere and connection was what drove Emma to capture the photographs from the project “Without you” shot on the Isle of Arran, A deeply personal set of photographs based on the loss of her Mother…and the emptiness of losing a close one can leave behind.

Emma has a passion for teaching and holds regular 1-1 photography tuition, her school of Photography “Emotive Capture” is growing steadily and it is hoped that in the near future, the school will hold regular photography workshops across the UK and abroad. It is an ambition of Emma's that she will be able to hold workshops for wheel chair users and hard of hearing individuals, believing that nothing should hold anyone back from exploring their own creativity and connecting with the mystery and beauty of the landscape, hopefully In the near future, The school of Photography will employ local photographers and creative's to assist and help run a variety of photographic and creative workshops.

Emma has had many exhibitions including; Cape Town /South Africa, London, Lancaster, Burnley, Blackburn, Rochdale and Ormskirk. A permanent display of her work can be found at; Cape Town/ South Africa.
Photographic services include; Contemporary portraiture, Fine-Art landscape prints, Tuition and luxury, contemporary wedding photography.

If you would like further information on any of her services please email Emma at;